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I play a game called Blockland. It was released for retail in 2007.

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Ok, this is a project I have been making for quite sometime now, its just that I didn't have the courage to put it Newgrounds, let alone post about. I talked about in the Blockland fourms, and mostly all I got was "This isn't gonna work." Or "There are only so and so kills possible" etc. So, I am gonna quote and edit what I said in the Blockland fourms, but this is my first post, so I don't know how to quote, I'll just put it in quotation marks.

"--1000 Moar Ways To Die--

"Either you die in this movie, or I record you getting perma'd."
- Muddy Waters

Yes, someone has finally made a remake of the infamous and long
lasting show, 1000 More ways to Die, but in Blockland. However,
The only differences with that show and this movie, is that it
takes 30 minutes to go over 5 kills in theirs. In ours, we blow
that and make it 200 kills every half an hour. Just compare.
With their movie it would take 6000 minutes, or 100 hours just to
go through 1000 kills. Now, if you ask me, that just is Overkill.
But with my movie, you get more kills for your buck (Not that your
paying any way. (Or are you?)). It would just take 150 minutes,
or 2 and a half hours. About as long as Avatar. Compare. 2 & 1/2
hours or, 4 days and 4 hours. Which is more suitiable for Youtube?
And this is where I say "'Nuff said.".


I got all their names, I just need to find them via RTB, so I can
copy their BL_IDs*. Once the movie is done (which I will not stop
until it is, trust me) I will put the cast here.

--How to join my movie:

All you need to do is enter my server when it is open. Simple.


1.No killing, regardless of who killed you, unless I tell you to.
2.No trollin'
3.If I kill you without warning, it is because...
a.You did something stupid.
b.I was recording that.
c.I just plain don't like you.
4.While in the server, try to come up with ideas. If you
want to check my weapons and other such, I can kick you out of the mini
game. Do not abuse certain weapons however.
5.I will have immortality, if you shoot me endlessly I will perma ban you for not obeying the rules.
6.Do not shoot the Missile. Seriously. Don't. My server crashed 3 to 4 times just because of people shooting that damn thing.
7.You must have chat enabled (I put this one in because of multiple
people not complying to me and the admins.)
8.Don't piss me off. Trust me, just don't.


The massive amount of bannage I have cracked down on those who
disobey admins and/or the rules. This list will take up some massive
amount of room, so expect to see alot of Permas. Almost 300 idiots have been banned.
Even some of my Super Admins have been banned for disobeying the rules.


5/23 - I made this topic.
5/24 - Recorded kills 365-370. Silver 45 has been given Super Admin.
5/26 - Zone 12 Completed
5/30 - Zone 13 Started
6/1 - Teams edited, Bridge made
6/3 - Kills #390 - #433 Done. I am now in the clan BW.
6/6 - Copying down everyones name who has been in my movie so far.
6/7 - Downloaded Command GUI, now able to make slow motion kills with the chat box (not that I used it during filming anyway...)
6/8 - Kills #434 - #440 Done. Decided to go to other peoples servers.
6/9 - GCats server and weapons will now be in this movie. I might ask ArmyUnit later.
6/14 - Kills #469 - #474 and #485 - #493 Done.
6/15 - Made a bank, needs some more detail before I start recording.
6/20 - Recorded 1 Kill, mostly because of no one being in my server.
6/21 - I decided to see if GCats server was troll free for the moment, and to see if he was there.
6/22 - Kills #510 - #524 Recorded. There is going to 3 versions of 1000mwtd. All versions while have different amounts of kills.
V1 - 100 Kills per video - 10 Parts
V2 - 200 Kills per video - 5 Parts
V3 - 250 Kills per video - 4 Parts
7/10 - Hey guess what? Part 1 of 10 is now on Youtube. Constructive critism would be awesome.
Linky: Part 1 of 10

Note: The reason why it is called "1000 moar" is because I have made another one called 100 ways to die. So, this is like a sequel. The only difference between the 1st (excluding the amount of kills) and the 2nd is the Sound and Quality.


Zones are just different places where kills take place. I wanna see if I can use every map to its advantage. So far, I have lost count of all the Zones."

Now, if you'd like to help me, you could donate sounds, songs from Newgrounds that I haven't found that could be useful for the movie, or ideas in general. But if you want to be in the movie, you have to buy Blockland, but I am not gonna link that because I am pretty sure thats bannable( I think). If you want the link, just PM me.
Part 1 of 10 isn't as good as I thought it would be, Windows Live Movie Maker isn't as good as a certain player told me...
I also need a Video converter that can convert into FLA, RealPlayer Converter isn't all that good.
So, uh...yeah.
Down below (or up, I have no idea where it would put the picture) is a picture of some of the cast in a Microbus, in map that is supposed to look like Construct in Garrys Mod.

EDIT: Massive problem. My hard drive is screwed and if Muddy Waters can't get the damn videos off it the movie will be delay for another long period of time. This movie is really taking longer than thought...

DOUBLE EDIT: This project was canceled.

1000 moar ways to die in Blockland (CANCELED)

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